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Greeks have two passions,
sea and hospitality...


... and we, at AB FELIX, are deeply Greek.

We are sea people and sea professionals. As yacht owners and brokers, boat builders and sailors for many years, we know yachting intimately. We know the sea first hand. We know what cruising should be and all the small big details that can make or break sea travel. We know how to check a yacht for safety and quality, the crew for seamanship and service, we know where and when you should cruise in the area of your choice.

We are obsessed with hospitalitty.

Is Philoxenia in Greek. It means love of xenos. And xenos in Ancient times meant both stranger and guest. In our mind it still does.We welcome you as our personal guests not only as our clients. Your pleasure is our business and our pleasure. We love to seek out your interests and your tastes and plan all aspects of your trip accordingly. We then monitor your journey carefully and discretely to ensure smooth cruising. We are at your disposal around the clock because you are our honoured guests.


You trust us with your leisure time.

We, in turn, wish to offer you what is best in yachting; not only comfort safety and fun, but something beyond mere pleasure: An adventure. We wish to help you discover the way of the sea, the way of Greece, Your way.

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