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What makes the Greek sea special is not only the quality of water and the many islands that adorn it; it is the beautiful sight of the “kaikia”, the traditional Greek wooden boats. These handmade boats come in all sizes and colors and the shape of their hull goes back to ancient times. They were the vessels that connected the islands with each other and Greece with the outside world.

They were passenger, fishing and cargo vessels until the past century. Now, most of them are fishing boats and can be seen in every island harbor; few of them are  pleasure crafts.


These boats are slowly disappearing. They are in fact an endangered species for several reasons.

That is why, AB FELIX ltd in collaboration with the TRADITIONAL BOAT ASSOCIATION OF GREECE is devoting effort and funds to save them, preserve them and give them their rightful place in our life and culture.



We build, refit and sell kaikia. We charter  those which are built or refitted as yachts. Their hulls are ideal for sailing in the short waves of the Aegean and this makes travelling on them comfortable. Their deck spaces are ample and perfect for lounging and their unique look makes heads turn every time they pull into a harbor.

A selection of those which are for charter are listed in our “motor sailers” section.


Those for sale, will be listed in our site as they become available.


What we show here is a small sample of such traditional boats
which can still be admired on Greek waters.

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