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Extraordinary waters –crystal clear, of the deepest blue, surrounded by a lace like coastline of over 10,000 miles and an archipelago of over 1,000 islands. Every island, every village has a strong local character. Distances between islands are short, so even in a short cruise, you can experience the excitement of constant change.


Greece is a land of striking contrasts and they are reflected in the cruising areas: the Greek north, where the heart of Byzantium still beats in the Monastery land of Mt. Athos, the blazing white rock islands of the Aegean, the gentle Ionian waters, Peloponnisos, dense with history, or Crete where Minoan sites alternate with unspoiled villages and medieval towns brimming with commerce. All of these areas are unique.


In the next pages you will find short introductions to the promises of each of these cruising worlds.

And if you sail in the Aegean, you can easily extend your cruise to Greater Greece – the Turkish coast, rich in archeology, lovely anchorages and great markets.


Brilliantly sunny, hot and dry from April to October but refreshed by winds which are moderate to strong. The meltemi, the North wind often blowing hard in midsummer, is not only a force to be handled carefully with proper scheduling and right anchoring, but it is also a blessing, because it cools the air and gives the Aegean stunning clarity and intensity.



Myth and history are alive in Greece in the minds of people and in the landscape. Wherever you cruise, you will find legendary sites, ancient monuments, museums or towns worth visiting. This part of the world has been settled from earliest times onwards and the remains of past civilizations are visible and coexist often in the most spectacular spots near the sea.


The key is taste and freshness. Eating Greek style means above all sampling a variety of small dishes (mezes). It is a cuisine based on fresh fruits and vegetables, sea food and meat, prepared with fresh herbs and spices. One of the great joys of your cruise will be lingering over drinks and arrays of mezes or sometimes visiting local markets and vineyards where you can discover wonderful regional wines.


Perhaps the greatest talent of the Greeks is for living well, taking and giving pleasure at the slightest pretext. Enjoying everything, whether it is having a philosophical discussion over an ouzo at a seaside cafe or making a fiesta out of the simplest meal, or watching the sunrise after a night of dancing to the music of the bouzouki, the violin and the bagpipe.

Life never stops in Greece. Not even at night, especially in the summer, and there is a readiness for joy and celebration which is contagious.


Cruising in Greek waters is not mere traveling, it is an experience that transforms you for ever!

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